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ScratchJr - User Manual & Sample Projects

If you don't know how to start over with ScratchJr coding, the ScratchJr application itself includes a comprehensive User Manual and a rich set of Sample Projects that can help you to start over with this amazing programming language.

Table of Contents

1. About ScratchJr

2. Interface Guide (Save, Stage, Presentation Mode, Grid, Change Background, Add Text, Reset Characters, Green Flag, Pages, Project Information, Undo and Redo, Programming Script, Programming Area, Blacks Palette, Block Categories, Characters)

3. Paint Editor Guide (Undo, Redo, Shape, Character Name, Cut, Duplicate, Rotate, Drag, Save, Fill, Camera, Color, Line Width)

4. Blocks Guide (Triggering Blocks, Motion Blocks, Looks Blocks, Sound Blocks, Control Blocks, End Blocks)

5. Sample Projects (Under the sea, Farm, Seasons, Friends, Dance, Animal Race, Bump, Quick Intro)